Looking Forward – 2016/2017

The CNERS SA is excited to announce it’s 2016/2017 Executive team!

President (Caesar) – Rodney Mackenzie
VP Finance (Quaestor) – Alexis Watts
VP External (Consul) – Megan Barbieri & Alexis Watts
VP Internal (Tribune) – Siena Hutton
VP Administration (Praetor) – Sophie Mariano
VP Student Life (Aedile) – Megan Barbieri
Secretary (Cornicularius) – Leah Saddy
Graduate Representative (Legatus) – Graham Butler

LOGOS Undergraduate Journal
Editor in Chief (Princeps) – Jaymie Orchard
Chief Submissions Officer (Censor) – Jacob Irwin

Congratulations again to everyone, and we here at the CNERS SA wish you all the best during the rest of your team, and hope you all make it through exam time in one piece!

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