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Learn about the ancients on the web

Technology has finally reached the Classics! Our department’s graduate students have produced some amazing projects about spectacle in the Roman world, check out some links and show your love!

Podcasting Lucan’s Pharsalia
Christian Brady

Spectacles Through the Eyes of a Traveling Donkey – Word Cloud Analysis of Apuleius’ Metamorphoses
Bethany Brothers

Sexual Spectacle in Suetonius
Breeze Doner

Freaks and Geeks
Chelsea Gardiner

The Spectacle of Martyrdom
Ana Golland

The Stuff of Triumphs – Digitally Mapping the Roman Triumphal Procession
Andrei Mihailiuk

Vocabulary in Martial’s De Spectaculis
Heather Odell

Mapping the Route of the Pompa Circensis
Patricia Taylor