Condita Ab Consilium

Before there was CNERS, another club reigned over the classical world at UBC. The Religious Studies Student Association was founded in 1996 and was lead by Tammy McCurry.

In the year 2000, a challenger arose, and the Religious Studies Student Association was taken over by the Society for Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies. The Scanners were now in power, and brought new initiatives to the empire, such as pottery nights and lunch time lectures.

Scanners Presidents

2000-2001 – Max Nelson

2001-2003 – Leanne Vincent

2003-2004 – Devin Mankey & Leanne Vincent

Gloria Victoriae

In 2003, Caesars Mankey & Vincent faced an uprising, and after many battles, the CNERS came out on top as the victors.The club was renamed the Classical, Near Eastern & Religious Studies Student Association, with the much snappier abbreviation of CNERS (pronounced ‘sinners’).

Many great emperors have ruled the CNERS over the past several years. They lead forth poetry readings, film festivals, social nights, beer gardens and museum visits, which brought great happiness to all members. Many of the names of our presidents have yet to be uncovered, but they lead honourably.

CNERS Presidents

2011-2012 – Neil Barney & Jeff Boudreau

2012-2013 – Jeff Boudreau

2013-2014 – Jeff Boudreau

2014-2015 – Karl Arden

2015-2016 – Constantin Pietschmann

2016-2017 – Rodney Mackenzie

2017-2018 – Jaymie Orchard

2018-2019 – Ashley Samsone

2019-2020 – Ashley Samsone

2020-2021 – Cameron Hill

2021-2022 – Ashley Samsone

Today, CNERS is excited to be planning pub nights, beer gardens and more! In 2013, CNERS celebrated its 10th year as an empire and is excited to share our triumph with all the citizens of UBC for a further 10 years, and more!