Submissions Guidelines for Research Papers (2020/21)

  1. Papers must be on topics relevant to Classical, Near Eastern, or Religious Studies.
  2. Each paper must have an abstract between 150 and 300 words in length.
  3. Papers must be a minimum of 1,500 words in length (maximum of 5,000 words).
  4. Papers must follow Chicago Style citation guidelines, with footnotes. Please see our Citation guidelines.
  5. Authors can submit up to three papers each (although we will only publish one paper per author).
  6. Papers that include images must locate them at the end of the document, with proper citations. Images must be common use.
  7. Papers should be submitted in Word document format (.docx).
  8. We recommend that submissions receive an 80% or higher if they have been submitted for a course.

All submissions should be sent to

Editing Timeline

Call for Submissions is open December-January!

2020/21 Editing Timeline*:

The submission deadline is January 29th
The shortlist will be announced by February 22th
The primary edits will be submitted by March 8th
The final edits will be submitted by May 7th
The journal will be published in September

*Please note that these dates are subject to change.


If you would like to know more about the submissions process, please contact us at or