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Toga Party!

Toga Party!

Always dreamed of wearing a toga? Come live out your dreams at our Toga Party on March 19th at the Pit. Doors open at 8pm. Tickets $5. Togas optional (however clothing isn’t….). Check out our Facebook page for more details.

Looking Forward – 2016/2017

The CNERS SA is excited to announce it’s 2016/2017 Executive team! President (Caesar) – Rodney Mackenzie VP Finance (Quaestor) – Alexis Watts VP External (Consul) – Megan Barbieri & Alexis Watts VP Internal (Tribune) – Siena Hutton VP Administration (Praetor) – Sophie Mariano VP Student Life (Aedile) – Megan Barbieri Secretary (Cornicularius) – Leah Saddy Graduate Representative (Legatus) […]