We’re done! You’re done! We’re all done!

epa03521311 Fireworks explode over the ancient Parthenon temple on the Acropolis Hill during the New Year's celebrations in Athens, Greece, 01 January 2013. EPA/SIMELA PANTZARTZI

Originally posted on April 29th 2015

It’s the end of the year everyone, and you all made it through in (hopefully) one piece, Congratulations!!!  Now, as you all take these last couple of days to finish up your classes and then prep for exams, remember to take time out of your busy schedules to relax a little, and do something fun.  Like thinking about all the great events we’ll be throwing for you next year!
We’ve got a brand new exec team going forward, and all of us outgoing execs are really excited to see what this new group is going to do.  Without further adieu, our new exec team is:
President (Caesar) Constantin Pietschmann
VP Finance (Quaestor) Scherene Auchterlonie
VP External (Consul) Jaymie Orchard
VP Internal (Tribune) Jayden Christeen Lloyd
VP Administration (Praetor) Sophie Mariano
VP Academic (Censor) Megan Barbieri
VP Student Life (Aedile) Siena Hutton
Secretary (Cornicularius) Rodney Mackenzie
Undergraduate Representative (Praefectus) Adam Cheifetz
Graduate Representative (Legatus) Katie Hurworth

Congratulations again to everyone, and we here at the CNERS SA wish you all the best during your exams, and hope you all have a fantastic summer!

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